A Message From Josie-Tatum's Mama

In November, I led our church in adoption/orphan awareness activities. Josie-Tatum watched intently as I previewed videos and brochures. She was moved to find out how she could help with questions like, "Mama, what can we do to help orphans?" and "Mama, where can we go to help orphans?"

As I sought to encourage her compassion, a door was opened for us to join Servant's House Ministries on a trip to South Africa in July. This is Josie-Tatum's story, her opportunity to share with you what the LORD speaks to her.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Helping Orphans!!!

This is a picture of some of the orphans of South Africa that just got food from build the nation. Build the nation is where we will be staying when we go.


  1. Josie-Tatum,
    I wish more people had hearts as big as yours. You are a special young lady. Keep seeking the Lord and He will gladly lead you.
    I will enjoy following your journey!!
    God bless,
    Carrie S.

  2. Wow--what a story! I can't wait to see what your summer trip to South Africa is like! In early June, I hope to adopt my first child ever--a two-year-old girl named Tian from Jiangsu, China! I hope she has a sense of compassion like you do, Josie-Tatum! Good luck!

  3. What an awesome trip you and your Mom are going to have. We are looking forward to seeing and hearing all about it. God bless you....

  4. sweet josie-tatum----can't wait to see how God will use your beautiful heart to serve orphans in south africa!

  5. Sweet girl, I just posted a link to your blog on my blog. You can see what I posted by visiting www.girlmakesthree.blogspot.com. I am praying for you and your Mama! Much Love, Miss Heather

  6. Josie:
    I love your passion for the orphans. That comes from God's heart straight to yours. My four and a half year old daughter, Marissa, was also born in China and wants to grow up to help the orphans also. You can see her blog at www.marissaathome.blogspot.com. We are praying for you.

  7. I'd like to post your info on my blog. but I don't know how...can your mom help by posting instructions on how to do it?