A Message From Josie-Tatum's Mama

In November, I led our church in adoption/orphan awareness activities. Josie-Tatum watched intently as I previewed videos and brochures. She was moved to find out how she could help with questions like, "Mama, what can we do to help orphans?" and "Mama, where can we go to help orphans?"

As I sought to encourage her compassion, a door was opened for us to join Servant's House Ministries on a trip to South Africa in July. This is Josie-Tatum's story, her opportunity to share with you what the LORD speaks to her.

Monday, April 20, 2009

A Sister that Shows Love

I can not wait for you to watch this video. My Little sister is one of the best sisters ever.


  1. You do have a sweet little sister. God is going to bless you both!!

  2. You 2 are just like peas and carrots! Made to go together! :-)

  3. What a wonderful little sister!

  4. keep up the good work on your blog, josie tatum. if we all work together we can change the world!

    maybe one day you could meet my daughter maggie, age 7. she is also adopted from china and very concerned about issues, the same as you are.

  5. Ellie, you're the best! You too, JT ~ still praying for you and thinking about you every day!!! :) ~ Molly's mama